ProCPR Basic Reviews

What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Reviews
  • “I like that there was an instructional video for the questions I missed.”

    ~ Tami from Georgia
  • “I really enjoyed this Training and it was very interesting and kept me engaged. I loose interest very easy and this training kept my attention. The EMT was very knowledgeable and very supportive and caring while teaching these important techniques to help save lives. Great training you Guys and Thanks!! Rene' B.”

    ~ Rene D., Direct Support Proffessional from Pennsylvania
  • “Quick, easy and thorough!”

    ~ David, Teacher/Coach from Michigan
  • “Fantastic. ”

    ~ Toni, Home Health Aide (HHA) from Florida
  • “Questions are straight forward and common knowledge for experienced CPR trained people.”

    ~ jay, Registered Nurse (RN) from Michigan
  • “LOVE LOVE LOVE Protrainings! Best way to educate and recertify!”

    ~ tonya, Certified Fitness Instructor from ON
  • “Thumbs up , saves a lot of time ”

    ~ muhammad, Physician from Arkansas
  • “Great Test!”

    ~ Brian K. Jasper
  • “This website was very helpful because I didn't have the money to pay at the time but I could still take the test!”

    ~ giselle
  • “If you want something straight and to the point, then I recommend PROCPR. I have used them and I will continue to use them. It's easy and costwise it's reasonable. Keep up the good work. Thank you so much CPR guys. ”

    ~ John, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) from Florida
  • “Thorough and convenient.”

    ~ Phyllis, Registered Nurse (RN) from Kentucky
  • “Up to date, demonstrations are visual, it’s late Friday, and I need it on Monday.”

    ~ Susan, LVN from California
  • “Honestly, I thought this would be dry and dull, but I really got into it because of the way the material is presented. Definitely worth your time and, ultimately, money.”

    ~ Jennifer from Oregon
  • “questions specific enough to make sure relevant info is known. questions easy to follow and understand.”

    ~ Marjorie, Registered Nurse (RN) from Pennsylvania
  • “Protrainings gives you the confidence that if faced with any emergency you can handle it.”

    ~ Lynn, Other from Idaho
  • “The trainer is exceptional!”

    ~ joy from Florida
  • “Very good training keep up the good job! It was an updated version from last year. This is the second time I took training there is a lot of improvement Thank you!”

    ~ Indira, Adult Caregiver from Maryland
  • “Great option for at-home CPR training. Easy to follow and gives you all the tools you need to set you up for success!”

    ~ Samantha
  • “OMG--where has this training been for the past 40 years that I have been re-certifying annually in CPR and First Aid??? This is the absolute best refresher instruction that I have received since my initial training--ProTrainings is THAT good! Your paramedic instructor is clear, articulate and easy to understand and not just and actor--he really knows what he is talking and teaching. This short, concise program should be REQUIRED training for any industrial, commercial and government facility--I have no doubt that this very on-line course (ProCPR Basic) has saved lives and will continue to save lives. I plan to take additional classes thru ProTrainings over-and-above those required by my profession because ProTrainings is direct, straight forward and to-the-point. No wasting time taking breaks so everyone can use the restroom, get coffee and check their #!$!!! cell phones--this program has to be one of the absolute best training programs available today. I will confidently recommend ProTrainings to all of my coworkers and associates. Thank you for the best use of my time in many years--hopefully I will never need these lifesaving skills but if I ever do, the information presented by Paramedic Roy Shaw in this refresher will give me the confidence to administer CPR-AED effectively. Thank you. Barry Sebring, Lt Col USAF (ret)”

    ~ Barry from Michigan
  • “CPR. online ProTraining is the most convenient way of learning and retaining what is learned. It is stress-free. Renewing my CPR certification online has been the best experience. ”

    ~ Regis, Home Health Care Provider from Georgia
Live & Un-Edited Reviews
  • “The short videos were spot on for learning targets in chunks. The questions after each section made the connections relevant and ensured comprehension of the material. ”

    ~ pam, about 15 hours ago
  • “Best way to keep the information fresh in your head. ”

    ~ Mark, 1 day ago
  • “This is my 1st time taking your course online as an RN of 27 years. No more class room instruction for me. And my boss is going to be MAJOR happy with my current card for workplace requirements. Will CU again!”

    ~ Duane, 3 days ago
  • “videos would not play”

    ~ Shakoria, 4 days ago
  • “Very informative, concise and easy to understand.”

    ~ Amy, 6 days ago
  • “very simple and straight to the main point.”

    ~ Jared, 7 days ago
  • “A great way to get certified at your convenience!”

    ~ Kristen, 7 days ago
  • “Great trainer, great visual and awesome examples...Well Done!”

    ~ David, 7 days ago
  • “It is so simple to be certified for CPR and something I believe that everyone should have to learn about and ProTrainings makes it so easy as you can do it anywhere and anytime. The training videos are separated so if there is something that has been updated since you were last certified, you can easily check that without having to re-watch everything. ”

    ~ Jamy, 10 days ago
  • “This is recertification. I especially like the weekly emails that repeat sessions to keep the information fresh in your mind.”

    ~ Marilyn, 11 days ago
  • “yes well appreciated”

    ~ quentice, 13 days ago
  • “ Excellent for those with heavy schedules.”

    ~ Sharon, 13 days ago
  • “Very convenient ”

    ~ Sheal, 13 days ago
  • “My son suffered from sudden cardiac arrest two years ago. He was in excellent physical condition and had no heart problems. It occurred when he was jogging in his neighborhood. A stranger found him on the ground, called 911 and followed the operators CPR only instructions. The man had no CPR training. A policeman arrived on the scene with an AED. My son is alive and well today! My son now is involved with Bolt for the Heart, Their mission to to equip police cars with AEDs since they are often the first to respond to a 911 call. Google 'Be Like Bill'.”

    ~ Maureen, 15 days ago
  • “Very clear lecture online”

    ~ Karen, 15 days ago
  • “informative”

    ~ milton, 15 days ago
  • “It took me a while to figure it out but I finally did it”

    ~ Anonymous, 17 days ago
  • “Material and videos were very good and trainer seemed very knowledgeable and passionate about CPR/first aid”

    ~ Kristin, 17 days ago
  • “ProTrainings isn’t so helpful for me to keep up to date with my CPR and First Aid Training - and all n my own time!”

    ~ Eleni, 19 days ago
  • “Good course”

    ~ Anonymous, 20 days ago